Biking Lesson 2: Using Your Bike Gear

clipless bike pedals
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Tips for Using Your Bike Gear

“The bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.”— John Howard

Now that you have the right bike gear (or will have it shortly), you need to understand some basics of using your bike gear and taking care of your bike.

This lesson takes you through the basics of using clipless pedals and cleaning your bike.

Video 1: How to Clip In and Out of Clipless Pedals

Most of us grew up learning to ride our bikes with tennis shoes on flat platform pedals. Clipless pedals provide a firm contact between your cycling shoe and the pedal while allowing you to pull up during the pedal stroke, but provide a challenge because your feet are now clipped in. Krista Schultz, MEd, CSCS shows you how to clip in and out of your clipless pedals.

Video 2: How to Clean Your Bike

Just like you would clean your car to keep it looking new, running smoothly and lasting longer, you also need to clean your bike on a regular basis. Master bike mechanic Dwayne Bergeron of LTD Cycleworx in Boulder, Colorado demonstrates how to properly and thoroughly clean your bike.

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