Biking Lesson 3: Bike Riding Skills


climbing hill on bike at start of vineman triathlon
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Developing Your Bike Riding Skills

This lesson will take you through the fundamentals of riding your bike to include: how to sit comfortably, proper pedal stroke, bike riding hand positions, shifting, starting out from a stopped position, braking, climbing and cornering.

Video 1: How to Sit Comfortably on a Triathlon Bike

As you train for longer and longer race distances, you’ll be sitting on your bike saddle for longer and longer periods of time. In this first video, Krista Schultz, MEd, CSCS demonstrates how to sit comfortably on a bicycle saddle.

Video 2: How to Brake on a Bike

Unlike cars which have anti-locking brakes that automatically adjust braking tension on each wheel to the road conditions, we have to manually brake our bikes. Do you use the front brake, the rear brake or both and how much? Krista Schultz, MEd, CSCS explains.

Video 3: Tips for Pedaling More Efficiently

Squares or circles? A choppy, inefficient pedal stroke is often called “pedaling squares.” When riding, we want to smooth out the pedal stroke – “pedaling circles” – as Krista Schultz, MEd, CSCS demonstrates in this second video.

Video 4: Hand Positions While Riding a Triathlon Bike

With a triathlon bike with aerobars, you have three basic hand positions to use while riding. In this third video David Glover, MS, CSCS demonstrates and discusses the advantages of each position.

Video 5: Shifting Gears on a Bike

If you forget to shift at the beginning of a hill, you may find yourself at a standstill. Shift incorrectly and you may drop your chain. David Glover, MS, CSCS goes over the basics of shifting gears on your bike with an emphasis on anticipating changing terrain and practicing shifting.

Video 6: Tips for Climbing Hills on a Bike

Sit or stand while climbing? David Glover, MS, CSCS explains and demonstrates the advantages of each.

Video 7: How to Quickly and Safely Corner While Riding a Bike

Learning proper cornering skills – especially while descending – will help you decide more safely and more swiftly. In the final video of this lesson, David Glover, MS, CSCS demonstrates and explains cornering and descending.

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