Lesson 4: Riding a Bicycle Safely

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Tips for Riding a Bicycle Safely

“What do you call a cyclist who doesn’t wear a helmet? An organ donor.”— David Perry

Because you’re often riding on roads with traffic and other riders with the potential for potholes, debris and glass in your path, it’s important to learn basic communication skills while on the bike and minimize the risk of a flat tire, a crash or being stranded.

This lesson on bike safety covers the following topics: what to carry with you while riding, pre-ride safety check, signaling turns to cars and other cyclists, passing other riders and calling out obstacles.

Video 1: What to Carry With You While Riding

Bike safety starts, however, with what you carry with you on your ride. Dwayne Bergeron of LTD Cycleworx reviews what you need to carry with you every time you ride.

Video 2: Pre-Ride Bike Safety Check

There are a few important things you should safety check before every ride. In this second video, Dwayne Bergeron of LTD Cycleworx shows you the things you need to check on your bike to make sure it’s ready to ride safely.

Video 3: Tips for Riding Safely While on the Road

When riding on the road, your bike is considered a vehicle and, as such, needs to follow vehicle laws. David Glover, MS, CSCS shares best practices for riding safely on the road.

Video 4: How to Safely Pass Another Triathlete on the Bike

When riding while training or in your triathlon race, it’s inevitable that you will pass or be passed. David Glover and Brad Rex demonstrate passing and overtaking another rider while on the bike.

Video 5: Calling Out Obstacles to Other Cyclists While Riding

When riding ahead of someone, they cannot always see what you see on the road ahead – glass, rocks, debris, etc. David Glover and Brad Rex demonstrate how to properly call out obstacles to the riders behind you.

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