Webinar: Creating a Fueling & Hydration Plan for Triathlon

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About this Webinar

Presented by David Glover, MS, CSCS and Krista Schultz, MEd, CSCS

Should you drink water or a sports drink during your training sessions? Have you ever bonked or became dehydrated? How many calories per hour should you try to consume while training or racing – and should those calories include protein?

Two of the most important considerations for triathlon success are nutrition and hydration – before, during and after a training session or event.

The purpose of this webinar is to discuss the science behind eating and drinking for training and competition, understand the challenges and then give you examples and guidelines so that you can put together – and optimize – your own nutrition and hydration plan for success in training and on race day.

This webinar has been recorded and is available for viewing below. It’s recommend that you download the presentation to follow along with the recording or view the presentation at prezi.com.

Still curious about electrolytes? Check out Krista’s article “How to Replace Your Electrolytes” that appeared in Triathlete Magazine.

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