Webinar: Time Saving Training Tactics for Triathletes

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About this Webinar

Presented by David B. Glover, MSE, MS, CSCS

Training for a triathlon – and especially a Half or Ironman distance triathlon – on top of a full time job, family commitments, travel and other life responsibilities can be overwhelming….but it doesn’t need to be.

Author of Full Time and Sub-Nine: Fitting Iron Distance Training into Everyday Life, presenter David Glover, MS, CSCS literally wrote the book on achieving top end triathlon results while working a full-time job.

Topics covered include:

  • Debunking the high volume training myths,
  • Choosing the best race for you,
  • What to do when your training gets sidelined (and it inevitably will),
  • Optimizing your training time, and
  • Understanding the important quality vs. quantity.
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Part 1: Time Saving Training Tactics for Your Triathlon Season

Part 2: Time Saving Training Tactics for Your Triathlon Week & Day

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