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Krista Schultz running at Boulder Sprint Triathlon
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school of tri logo blueWelcome to School of Tri®

Consisting of three different sports – swimming, biking and running – plus transitions, triathlon can be a daunting sport to learn without having someone there to guide you through the learning experience.

In working with thousands of triathletes and prospective triathletes, coach and entrepreneur David Glover realized that there wasn’t a single, reputable “go to” resource to learn about the sport of triathlon.

Until now…

School of Tri® is the online education resource to learn about and experience the sport of triathlon.

We’ve taken the complex sport of triathlon and broken it down into its component pieces (we call them “classrooms”), each of which contains a series of lessons with short videos explaining and demonstrating a specific aspect of training or racing.

Choose from the Following School of Tri Classrooms:

understand exercise intensity

Planning Your Season

Includes: Choosing Races and Planning Your Triathlon Season

exercise heart rate training

Exercise Fundamentals

Includes: Understanding Exercise Intensity and Proper Warm Up & Cool Down

before start of luray triathlon swim


Includes: Freestyle Swim Technique and Open Water Swimming

krista schult biking luray triathlon


Includes: Choosing & Using Bike Gear, Cycling Skills, Safety and Training on the Bike

krista schultz running triathlon


Includes: Proper Running Form, Choosing Running Gear, Running Faster and Treadmill Running

triathlon transitions

Triathlon Transitions

Includes: Setting Up Your Transition Area, Swim to Bike, Bike to Run and Practicing Transitions

David Glover biking at Challenge Roth

Fueling & Hydration

Includes: Importance of Fueling & Hydration and Creating a Fueling & Hydration Plan

swimmer before triathlon start

Mental Training

Includes: Setting Goals, Affirmations, Be in the Moment and Finding Balance

Krista Schultz Pull Up

Strength & Flexibility

Includes: Using a Foam Roller, Dynamic Stretching Exercise, How to Engage Your Core Muscles and Exercises to Improve Cycling

usa triathlon rules

USA Triathlon Rules

Includes: Overview of USA Triathlon Rules for triathlon in the United States

david glover vineman triathlon

Racing Your Triathlon

Includes: Tips for Race Week, What to Wear While Racing, Tips for Race Day and What to Do When Things Go Wrong

david glover running in the snow

End of Racing Season

Includes: Overview of the 3 Phases of the Triathlon Off Season

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