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You are TWICE as likely to achieve your triathlon goals with a training plan.

Beyond thankful to YOU for your Ironman COZUMEL Training plan. I followed it to a “T.” Well, maybe I swam a little bit more, haha, cuz I’m a mermaid! I have not done a triathlon in six years and this is my first ever Ironman!!!!!!!!! The fact that I got to this Ironman healthy, uninjured, being the most fit ever in my entire life at 51 years old, mentally focused AND then to be able to finish healthy and strong …. most importantly accomplishing my goal of raising over $6,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association is beyond a blessing to me and my family. The performance I had and my 2nd place finish was the icing on the cake and in my mind – My Kona! Looking forward to next year training and racing! Thank you again for everything.

Carlene Messinger


I just wanted to let you know that I completed Ironman Canada this last Sunday and it was fantastic! The bike hills were brutal and the temperature was 95 degrees but it still went better than I imagined!  Your plan worked to perfection and I wanted to thank you very very much! During training I was never injured or had any major issues and I believe your plan had a lot to do with that. I think I will be taking some time off from training but I’m sure at some point I will pick it back up again.

So again, thank you for providing a super solid training plan that helped me live out my long time dream.

Monte Higbee


I used your 24 week 70.3 novice plan for my first 70.3 IM St. Polten (Austria) 2018. I had almost zero experience, so I was so happy when I finished it (6:20). I did probably 70-75% workouts and still after the race i wasn’t completely exhausted. So the plan was perfect. I was so happy. I am going to use your 140.6 plan for the IM Klagenfurt 2019. I hope I will enjoy it as much as I did with the 70.3 plan. Thank you.

Robert Michalec

IRONMAN 70.3 St. Polten

My plan from ENDURANCEWORKS fit well into my IM training and helped me perform well at IM Texas in April.  I specifically liked the following aspects of the plan:
  • Comprehensive supporting guides (swimming, running form)
  • Weight training guides were excellent.  I used these and felt stronger from mixing in strength training.
  • Flexible – gave me opportunities to fit into my busy schedule.
  • Intensity level was about right.  I’m over 50 and this plan was good for my level and also pushed me to greater levels of fitness.
  • David emailed me when I had questions.  Very happy with their email support.
I would highly recommend ENDURANCEWORKS for IM training plans.  Will use them again for future races.
Jeff Tanner


Thanks a lot! I really like your training plans and they feel simple like made for me. 🙂 Training based on these have helped me to improve my results continuously and today I finished Ironman Tallinn with 9:54 improving my time from last year Ironman Switzerland over by 36 minutes. 🙂

You are doing great and thankful work!

Artur Praun


Just wanted to let you know I followed your plan for the Hawaii 70.3 race in Kona this weekend. My goal time was under 5 hours and my previous best for Hawaii was 5:22. I finished in 5:03 and took 8th in my class (50-55) and qualified for the WC in Australia! My A race is Coeur d’Alene where I plan on qualifying for the Worlds in Kona. Your system really worked for me and I will definitely recommend ENDURANCEWORKS coaching to my clients and friends.

Joey Micali

IRONMAN 70.3 Hawaii

Last weekend, I completed the 70.3 miles for a Half IM in Napa (HITS endurance series) after following your 24-week Half IM training program. My overall time was a little longer than where I was at for my pre-race testing, but race conditions were less than ideal (low 50s and rain for 3 hours during the bike ride). Regardless of the conditions, it was a great race in a beautiful area and, thanks to your protocol, my fitness was solid so I felt strong and prepared! This was my first HIM and I’m really pleased at how everything went. I enjoyed all the training and the race was a big payoff for my hard work and commitment to your plan.

Brian Kidd

HITS Half Naples

I had a blast this past weekend in CDA. I went in cold turkey (never did a tri event of any length) going into this event with your training plan as my guide. I pretty much stuck to the plan and finished with a smile.

Finished with a 13:57 and learned a huge amount about the need to figure out the hydration/fuel strategy. I was scared to death of getting behind in those areas in the run and consumed so much fluid that I stopped at most of the potty stops to unload. I kept passing people on the bike ride over and over again! The run was as high as 94 degrees so maybe the strategy worked. I walked through every drink station, but ran (at a pretty slow pace) for the entire course. I was wondering when my legs were going to say “we’ve had enough” but all of a sudden I hit the finish line. I attribute this to your great training program as well as the associated support pieces. Thanks so much.

Max Clough

IRONMAN Coeur d'Alene

Just thought I’d send you an update and thank you for the Ironman training program. It worked really well, especially the run training. The speed work and hill training really paid off for me.

Just got back from Mont Tremblant and had an amazing day. Other than some bad side stitches for the first 7km of the run, it went perfect. I had a great swim 1:09, went really easy on the bike and had a great run for me going 5:06 (taking 19mins off my run time from my last Ironman 18 years ago). I stopped the clock at 12:58, 9 mins slower than Ironman Florida in 2000. My wife said I looked way better at the end of this one, than the last. A testament to the training program.

Terry Burt

IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant

I did my first 70.3 on the Sunshine Coast in Qld, Australia on Sunday! I’m so thrilled and thank you for your program and help over the last few months.

Pinky Neven

IRONMAN 70.3 Sunshine Coast

I just wanted to thank you firstly for  the training plan and secondly for always answering my questions so promptly no matter how trivial.

I completed the IRONMAN last Saturday. My fitness/training had been spot on thanks to the plan. I had energy, I wasn’t tired and I ran the last 10 km faster than I ever have and finished feeling great.

Anyway mate once again thank you and would recommend this to anyone that asks.

Dwayne Pearson

IRONMAN New Zealand

I wanted to thank you for the training plan that you recommended to me. This past weekend was the Ironman 70.3 Ohio. My goal was to go sub 6 hours as a first time triathlete (fast course/low elevation so I knew it was achievable). I beat my goal and my stretch goal. My finish time was 5:41:59 seconds. Not bad for being my first ever triathlon.

Sean Zaleski

IRONMAN 70.3 Ohio

You helped me with my first IM last year in CDA. What makes your training plans unique is your timely follow up and insights you provided via email and online resources. I didn’t just get workouts; I got an experienced coach to help me through the process. What an experience and achievement I will never forget. Thank you for all the support and advice.

Drew Coleman

IRONMAN Coeur d'Alene

After a year of IM structured training “coaching” for my first IM in 2015, I decided to use the lessons learned and resources available to me locally to help guide me through the early part of the 2016 triathlon season. I realized that having a dedicated triathlon coach was not financially viable to me given my other goals and aspirations outside of triathlon. As my key races approached in the fall/winter of 2016 with both a 70.3 and a 140.6, I realized that I needed a bit more guidance and structure if I wanted to achieve my goals of racing a strong 70.3 Augusta followed by a sub 10 hour 140.6 at IM Florida.

In early August, I began using a generic “free” training plan available online which didn’t provide any structure in the form of base, build, peak, taper and the race phases of periodization. I shared my plan with a close friend who had just qualified for Kona (CDA) who encouraged me (at a minimum) to look into a plan from Training Peaks which turned out to be some of the best advice received to date. I came across Endurance Works (David Glover’s) 10 weeks to IMFL advanced training plan which was perfect for me. It provided the guidance, structure and insight that I needed at a very reasonable price point while also providing flexibility in the form of accommodating a 70.3 race during the 10 weeks of IM training. More importantly, on numerous occasions, David was available to chat and/or email me about questions I had regarding his training program, my expectations and race strategy without ever asking for additional funds, etc. David’s plan was critical in helping me make podium at both races to include obtaining my goal of going sub 10 hours at IM Florida with a time of 9:43. I would highly recommend David’s training program and/or coaching services to athletes of all levels from introductory to advanced.

Justin Burroughs


Hello my friend and coach! Yesterday, I had my happiest day in my sports life… I completed a 70.3. Thanks to your plans I also finished 5 sprints and 1 international (the fun Luray tri) – most importantly without any injuries. Let’s go to the 140.6!!!!

Adriano Perazaio

IRONMAN 70.3 Miami

I just wanted to drop a quick note on using your 70.3 Training plan for my first Ironman 70.3 (Galveston, Texas). My goal prior to starting the training was 1) finishing 🙂  and 2) come in under 5:30. I’m very happy to say I’ve achieved both with a time of 5:16!! Your training plan (and resources on your website) have made a big difference in my training. Especially the run workouts (definitely the bricks!) and strength videos made a big impact. Thank you and I’ll be using the plan again for Boulder 70.3, this time with a 5:00 goal.

Tim Weckx

IRONMAN 70.3 Texas

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how I got on at Ironman Arizona. I PR’d my swim by 2 mins and bike by 10 mins, but fell victim to cramps at around mile 15 of the run (first time ever, so I know I messed up my nutrition) – and ended up running a slightly slower marathon (3:36, so not a complete disaster). I finished in 10:24.44 – only 23 secs off a PR, and considering where I was in the summer (not swimming, only starting to run again). I’m pretty satisfied with my race.

I just wanted to take the time to personally thank you. I really enjoyed the training plan – it kept things interesting (especially in the pool!) and definitely improved me as an athlete. But what really impressed me was your responsiveness to my emails/questions. I wasn’t sure at first about going with a downloaded training plan approach, but have to say that it exceeded all my expectations.

Barry Tait


All of the advice you gave me was hugely helpful with my preparation for my 70.3 which I completed on Sunday. I felt like I cruised the entire race on the way to improving my category rank last year in all three legs. Overall finished about 30 mins quicker than previously and came in at 5:09:28 which I was over the moon about.

Dave van der Waal

IRONMAN 70.3 Geelong

Just finished the Ironman Florida today. I did a little better than plan on the swim at 1:18 and nailed the ride at 20.6mph. Started the run at 8:15 min miles and felt terrific. I ended up in 11th place in my age group.

For my first ever full distance triathlon and second triathlon ever (1st was a 70.3), I am elated! Your training plan was, in a word, spectacular. As you know, I was a little skeptical of the z2 training but learned how great your training plan is. I was ready and physically capable to hit my goals.

Thank you so very much for your help and plan. I really couldn’t have done it without you and your team. A thrill of a lifetime to hear “Your are an Ironman!!!

Byron West


I finished my first two triathlons in 2 months – Lifetime Tempe Tri and Arizona Ironman 70.3. Your training plans brought the structure and rigor I needed to accomplish my goals.  When I started training 8 months ago – I could barely run 2 miles or ride my bike 6 miles. The training plan combined with the 1 hour of consulting you provided was very helpful.  

Sean Beierly

IRONMAN 70.3 Arizona

I have finally achieved my dream, and managed to complete IM Texas in 12 hours 21 minutes, which is well beyond my target of sub 13 hours.

Thank you for your support and guidance!

Mohammed Almadani


My year began with Oceanside 70.3 as an “A” race where I PR’ed by 15 minutes and then ended at IRONMAN Arizona where I PR’ed by 47 minutes! I attribute my continued success to arriving fresh and ready to race as a direct result of the ENDURANCEWORKS training plans for each event. I feel like the plans kept me right where I needed to be and provided an excellent platform for a great race day showing.

Toby Jones


I wanted to thank you for your plan and your advice how to adjust my training due to the injury. I finished the IM Maryland last weekend and improved my time by over an hour from last year.


IRONMAN Maryland

Just a quick follow up thank you. Earlier this year, I purchased a training plan from you for the Busselton Ironman. Your plan & resources were a great help. My Busselton Ironman time was 10:55 this year – last year was 11:31 – so this was a PR. Anyway thanks again for your plan & help!

Aaron Morgan

IRONMAN Western Australia

I purchased your Masters 70.3 training plan from Training Peaks and followed the plan to race Ironman Timberman 70.3 last weekend. The plan worked well for me and this was the first time I have raced without a personal coach. I enjoyed the workouts and found the time commitment right for me. I felt well prepared and raced well. The additional articles and videos are very helpful and for me this is a great way to structure my training. Thank you!

David Allen

IRONMAN 70.3 Timberman

I purchased your training plan for Ironman Santa Rosa and had a fantastic race – this was my third Ironman and was definitely the most prepared for this race because of your plan. While I utilized training plans for the previous two, I really appreciated that your plan was much more focused and actually less training than I had previously done. I have a very busy career and previous plans were quite frankly just not achievable with the amount of load during the week. That tended to lead towards quicker burnout and also just being in a habit of having to miss workouts which was a negative mental aspect. I was able to probably land closer to 90-95% of the workouts this time (mostly missing due to travel) and had a PR by nearly 40 minutes (I think it could have even been a greater PR if the bike course wouldn’t have had such poor road conditions). For me, having key targeted workouts during the week makes the most sense and then on the weekends I can devote the time needed to getting the long distance workouts in.

Jeff Jantz

IRONMAN Santa Rosa

I recently completed my first Ironman Texas.

Just a quick background, I have never gone beyond the half iron before this. I used your training plan for 18 weeks leading up to the race and followed it very closely in terms Of time spent in the pool, on the bike, running and strength training. Although I kept it a little more simplified scientifically with heart rate and various speed zones but I was very strict to your times/days within the plan. I completed the IM in 14:25, which is right where I expected/hoped to be.

But more importantly, I felt good at the end and I credit that to my nutrition plan and your training guide.  I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how valuable your plan was for me at 55 years old it was perfect for me. THANK YOU for helping me achieve this lofty goal “on my own” and with the training plan guidance!!!

Ken Kretsch


Just finished IM Florida. Thanks for an awesome plan. I couldn’t have done it without your help and plan. Worth every penny!!!

Richard Sipe


Just wanted to say thanks for the training plan.  I finished the Boulder Ironman in 11hrs 41min.  It was so great to just start every week knowing what was on the agenda.  I stuck to almost all the workouts and knew I was prepared when the day came.

Jeff Sherard


David, this is a note of gratitude.

I was gifted your full ironman training plan in December in preparation to race my first full ironman at Santa Rosa this past weekend.

The plan and all the supporting material, videos, blogs and tips were so incredibly valuable and helped me get prepared to a point that I felt I could compete vs just survive.

I finished the race in 11 hours 40 min placed 37/300 in my age group and PR’d both my swim 1:10 and bike 5:36 for those distances. I ran a 4:32 marathon which was just 12 min shy of my A goal. That was due to slipping on my nutrition strategy and experiencing a dark spell at mile 16. It’s so crazy how much our thinking affects everything.

So thank you for putting together such a robust and well thought out plan. It felt like you and the team where there every step of the way and it has inspired me to work harder, smarter, get faster and take on more.

Thank you for being part of my Ironman journey. You guys rock!

Kyle Hermanns

IRONMAN Santa Rosa

I want to thank you for the recent 70.3 plan I purchased from you. This was my second plan I purchased from you and I have been very happy with the programs. The programs are very doable for a working mom and I finished 20 minutes faster at Santa Rosa 70.3 than I did 2 years ago at Tempe.

Anita Werbelow

IRONMAN 70.3 Santa Rosa

Just wanted to send a short note to say, “Thanks.”  Just completed my first full Ironman and couldn’t have done it without your IM plans.  I purchased your 14-week IM 70.3 plan and then the 10-week IM 140.6 plan. This year I was able to complete three 70.3 races and a 140.6. Looking forward to next year. Thanks again.

John Best

IRONMAN Mont-Tremblant

You are twice as likely to achieve your triathlon goals with a training plan.

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