School of Tri Classroom: Mental Training for Triathletes

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Welcome to the Mental Training for Triathletes Classroom!

As much as they are a physical test, endurance sports are also a mental challenge as you may experience discomfort, obstacles, disappointment and anxiety during your training and races. You can set yourself up for better results by preparing your mind properly just as you would train your body.

In this classroom, we’ll explore mental training in the following lessons:

  1. Setting Goals – learn how to set effective goals that are simple, measurable, achievable, relevant and timebound.
  2. Affirmations – affirmations are a simple, yet powerful tool that you can use to create a desirable reality in training and racing.
  3. Be in the Moment – a simple trick for staying present and focused during triathlon training and racing.
  4. Finding Balance – tips for juggling training for swim, bike and run on top of an already busy life.

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