Swimming Drill Video Demonstrations

Swim Drills to Break Down Freestyle Stroke

Swimming drills help break down the freestyle stroke in its component pieces allowing you to focus on each area to improve overall stroke efficiency and speed.

Our library of freestyle swim drill videos are presented by Doug Alban, MEd, ASCA (former NBAC Masters Swimming Coach under Michael Phelps’ coach, Bob Bowman) and demonstrated by elite college swimmer Kyle Williams.

You can find workouts with these swim drills in each of our triathlon training plans.

freestyle swimmer

Introduction to Swim Drills

6-6 and 6-3-6 Drills

Catch Up Freestyle Drill

Double Entry Swim Drill

Fingertip Drag Drill

Float Kick Swim Drill

Long Arm Doggy Paddle Drill

One Arm Swim Drill

Sculling (4-Ways) Swim Drill

Side Kicking Swim Drill

Tarzan Swim Drill

Zipper Swim Drill

Proper Form for Flutter Kick

4 Common Flutter Kicking Mistakes

Practice Sighting Buoys in the Pool

Learn How to Do a Flip Turn

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