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Tips for Planning Your Triathlon Season

“If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.” — Lawrence Peters

Gosh, so many races to pick from… Which ones should you sign up for?

Besides time of year and venue location, there are several other important factors to think about when you choose your races. David Glover discusses all the factors that you should consider when choosing your races.

Video 1: Choosing Your Triathlon Races – 6 Considerations

In this video, David Glover reviews the list of factors for you to consider and questions to ask when choosing your races, specifically: Goals, Time of Year, Cost, Course, Training and Venue.

Taking a few minutes now to think about and write down your plans for your upcoming racing season will help you immensely by allowing you to:

  • Visually see what your season looks like
  • Set reasonable goals and expectations for yourself
  • Space out your planned events appropriately
  • Communicate your goals with family and friends
  • Better plan your travel and vacation time

We’ll walk you through the process and considerations for creating an annual “big picture” training plan, which will serve as your “blueprint” for your season.

Video 2: Tips for Planning Your Triathlon Season

In this video, David Glover shares tips for creating a “big picture” training plan for your triathlon season.

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