School of Tri Classroom: Biking for Triathlon

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Welcome to the Biking for Triathlon Classroom!

Biking is the longest leg in a triathlon (both in total distance and total time), so making small improvements here will typically result in much bigger time gains than similar improvements in swimming and running.

In this School of Tri classroom, we’ll explore biking for triathlon in the following lessons:

  1. Choosing Your Bike Gear – review of considerations for choosing a bike, helmet, shoes, pedals, aerobars and clothing to wear while riding.
  2. Using Your Bike Gear – learn how to add air to your tires, change a flat tire, use clipless pedals and clean your bike.
  3. Bike Riding Skills – all the necessary skills for riding a bike: sitting properly, shifting, braking, turning, climbing and descending.
  4. Riding a Bicycle Safely – riding safely starts with carrying necessary gear like a spare tube plus we’ll review riding safely on the road with traffic and other riders.
  5. Training on a Bike – learn about optimal cycling cadence and alternatives for riding outdoors.

Happy training!

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