Biking Lesson 1: Choosing Bike Gear

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Tips for Choosing Your Bike Gear

“My chosen exercise is cycling. I just love it.”— Eric Bana, Actor

In terms of total time and distance during your triathlon race, biking will be the longest longest segment and where you’ll likely want to spend the most time training. It’s important that you are set up correctly with the right bike and with the right gear to both maximize your comfort and your performance.

Dwayne Bergeron of LTD Cycleworx (Boulder, CO) will share considerations for choosing saddles and tires. Finally, Krista Schultz wraps up this lesson by going over what to wear while riding your bike.

Video 1: Choosing a Bike Saddle

In this video, Dwayne Bergeron of LTD Cycleworx discusses different options for bike saddles with primary consideration being to find a saddle that is comfortable for you.

Video 2: Choosing Bicycle Tires

In this video, Dwayne Bergeron of LTD Cycleworx discusses pros and cons of clincher and tubular bicycle tires.

Video 3: What to Wear While Riding

In the final video of this section, Krista Schultz, MEd, CSCS goes over what to wear while riding your bike outside, including things you should carry on you like nutrition, cell phone and a light wind jacket.

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